Teaching and Learning

School Vision and Mission

Our Vision: St Laurence O’Toole school follows Jesus’ call to ‘love in action’ providing a holistic and contemporary education

We are active, resilient learners

We are responsible, respectful and caring

We are part of a safe community

Our Mission: St Laurence O’Toole Catholic school community works to achieving our vision by:

FAITH: Sharing the life and message of Jesus; translating gospel values and social principles into the Australian context through our daily interactions

LEARNING: Implementing the Victorian Curriculum in a challenging and inclusive environment; meeting the entitlement of all students

LOVE: Respecting the dignity and uniqueness of all and providing a nurturing, secure and stimulating environment

ACTION: Working as a community, providing opportunities for growth as active and responsible members of the local and global communities

Strategic Intent: Through our motto, “Love in Action”, we strive to offer innovative and contemporary practice that promotes the qualities of global citizenship. By supporting creative and independent learners in a flexible, sustainable and evolving environment, we have collaborative, risk-taking and personalised learning.

Design Principles: 100% of students 100% of the time

We are committed to:

  • developing expert teachers to ensure students achieve targeted progress
  • ensuring a progression of learning for all students
  • targeted and explicit teaching to ensure achievement of outcomes (using data evidence to drive PLTA cycle)
  • students as partners in assessment, learning and teaching
  • full implementation of the Victorian Curriculum and ‘To Live in Christ Jesus